aaa/unbranded® embodies a fresh perspective on beauty, skincare, and lifestyle, offering unconventional products that redefine traditional norms. In 2019, our journey began with a revelation: the neglect of foot and leg care in personal grooming routines. This inspired us to embark on a transformative path, starting from the ground up by embracing a holistic approach to body and soul wellness.

Our ethos is rooted in ‘Assembled Around Aesthetics,’ a creative ethos that blends influences from diverse sources worldwide. We curate the finest production excellence globally, advocating for a ‘Made in World’ goal. Our skincare line introduces an ‘upside-down’ beauty regimen, prioritizing foot and leg care to deliver soothing, rejuvenating benefits for the entire body. By adapting professional-grade formulas for daily use, our products yield visible results with minimal application, complementing visits to beauty spas at your discretion.

Complementing our skincare range, our perfumes marry tradition with innovation. Crafted using ancient techniques and premium ingredients sourced globally, we infuse them with unconventional elements inspired by the wine and spirists world and employ unique aging methods. Transparency and sustainability are integral to our operations, with a focus on waste reduction, streamlined processes, and minimal environmental impact.

At aaa/unbranded®, we recognize that people are at the heart of our business. From our valued customers to collaborators, partners, and shareholders, fostering healthy, respectful relationships is paramount. As we look ahead, we envision a future marked by enhanced resource management, product innovation, and an unwavering commitment to offering an unconventional approach to personal beauty and wellness, shaping a simply different lifestyle.