We minimise waste
and use easy to recycle materials.
This is our commitment.

Our skin care products are also designed to reduce the impact on the environment. We think not only about when you will use them, but also about when you will have finished them and will have to throw the container in the trash. It is not easy to be completely sustainable, so our commitment is to stay in balance with nature as much as possible.

The main container (a), the pump, the cap and the label (b-c-d), you can throw together in the plastic. The outer band (g) is in cardboard and you can throw it in the paper. The outer packaging has no glue, but is held together by two rubber bands (f), which you can always re-use at home —they are always needed—


For us, being in balance with nature and people also means minimizing the use of materials. Less materials we use, and less garbage we leave in the environment. Do you agree?

The innovative packaging of our skin care (a) uses as much as 50% less paper than a traditional cardboard box (b). Being made of cardboard with micro-wave insiede, it is light and is comparable to a cardboard weighing 300g.

Furthermore, our packaging is printed using digital technology. This means that we do not use printing plates and we can change the lettering without throwing a lot of materials and other printing chemicals down the toilet. Furthermore, with the digital printing system, we can handle small production batches and be much more lean in production.


Our packaging uses typography formats to the maximum. We pay close attention in defining the dimensions of the main containers, so as to make the most of the sheets of paper, and obtain less waste. Minimum material waste to the perimeter (a-c) and only small holes for the rubber bands (b). This is not an easy job, but we really like puzzles or other interlocking games.

All the information necessary for the consumer is printed on this cardboard strip. There is no additional sheet of paper and moreover, there is no glue to close the packaging. Only the strip that is hand-packed and closed with two rubber bands. Less is hot.


The packaging of the “N series” perfumes are made of cardboard with a micro-wave interior. The boxes (a) are flat and are packaged without glue. This system allows us to make the most of the space in our warehouse. Inside the main packaging there is an interchangeable cardboard tray (f), to contain both the 50ml and 10ml perfume bottles.

The main container (d) is made of glass, while the spray pump and the cap (b-c) are made of aluminum. The label is made of PVC (e) to resist water. But this label also has the function of containing glass splinters in the event of a fall.