aaa/unbranded® stands for a different approach to beauty, body care and lifestyle through unconventional skincare products and perfumes.

Born in Italy in 2017, aaa/unbranded® had the crazy idea of offering unisex fashion footwear for those who want to stand out of the crowd. In 2019 we discovered that few people really take care of their feet and legs. So, starting right from the feet we decided to take a series of steps forward. To begin with we decided to walk barefoot taking off shoes and everything else from our brand. Then we decided to dedicate ourselves to the body and soul essence. So, we started working to offer skincare products and perfumes for women and men.

We do not reject anything of our past, we are in love with the journey that has brought us here. All the people we have met so far have left us something we have used and mixed together. Assembled Around Aesthetics, this is our creative guiding spirit. Here is another reason why we select the best production excellence from all over the world proposing a sort of Made in World.

With our cosmetics we offer an -upside down- beauty routine which starts with meticulous care of the feet and legs to give our whole body a soothing and regenerating well-being. To do this we have taken professional product formulas and transformed them for daily use. In this way, a little product is enough to have visible results after a few applications which obviously does not prevent you from going to your favourite beauty farm whenever you wish.

On the other hand our perfumes mix tradition and innovation. They are made according to ancient traditions and with super selected ingredients from all over the world. Then we give them that unconventional touch taking inspiration from the world of food and beverage, as well as using aging techniques. It is always about taking cues from everything around us… and from what we eat and drink.

We work transparently paying close attention to reducing waste. We standardize processes to better manage the different productions, minimize packaging and the impact on the environment. We believe that people are also part of the environment, which is not always something so obvious. Companies are made up by people, not just by creams and jars, so we try to have a healthy and respectful relationship with people whether they are our customers, collaborators, partners or shareholders.

We have big plans for the future. First of all, we are considering a better management of natural resources and people, and the creation of products that will be better and better made. We want to offer a more and more unconventional approach to the industry of personal beauty and health for a simply different lifestyle.

(All you need is being unconventional, and skincare and perfumes.)